IDP Genuine Cards

IDP Genuine cards are ideal solution for outstanding printouts. They have no flaw on the flat surface as they are printed under the print head and printing with clear image and text. IDP Genuine cards  follow the ISO CR-80 (54mm x 86mm/2.12″ x 3.38″) standard and pack securely for dust-free on surface of cards to print a better quality.
According to you needs, IDP supplies different type of card as like PVC , PET-G, Rewritable cards.

IDP Genuine PVC Cards

Premium blank white cards, in PVC. They can be used with all SMART printers and provide high image quality.
The cards follow the ISO CR-80 standard and the line is available in 30mil/0.76mm black. The cards are delivered in boxes of 5 packs and 100 cards.
Also, blank white cards with LOCO or HICO magnetic stripe follow ISO CR-80 standard and 30mil/0.76mm blank.
IDP Genuine PVC cards have long lifespan and it is possible to print PVC cards with excellent quality.


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