Cleaning Kits

Plastic card printing requires a routine printer cleaning as cards can have high static charges and can attract dust and dirt. To help you maintain you printer’s performance and lifespan, IDP supplies cleaning kits to perform extensive cleaning of the equipment.

Value & Standard Class Print Ribbon

Product no Name Image Usage Qty Smart 30S/50S Smart 30D/50D Smart -50L
659004 Cleaning Card Kit Cleaning the rollers in the printer by manual methods 10 V V V
659005 Adhesive Cleaning Roller Remove the dust, Debris on the Cards. One roller for each ribbon 10 V V V
659006 Long Sleeve Cleaning Card kit With SMART Automatic cleaning feature, Cleaning the printer rollers 10 V V V
659007 Cleaning Pen kit Maintain printing quality and lifespan of print head 10 V V V
659008 Cleaning Swap kit Cleaning the inside of printer 10 V V V
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